ISE Incorporated has been a cabling and power contractor since 1945. We have a reputation for tackling the hard-to-do jobs that other contractors shy away from. Our dictum in all aspects of our business is quality over quantity.

Although we have been an electrical contractor for over half a century, in time we recognized the need for a full service electrical, data, and communications contractor to meet all of our customers interrelated needs. One who could provide single-point-of-contact for all conduit, underground or overhead facilities for campus environments, fiber optics as well as all types of copper wiring. We also realized that many clients, although intelligent in their area of expertise, struggled with their cable plant design, so we offer free custom design work. To offer so many services and maintain the superior quality our reputation is built on; we had to build a team of experts in the areas of service we offer. We have had to keep pace with changing technology on a daily basis and listen to our customers changing needs very carefully.