Are you getting the most out of your PC networks?

The concept of networking PC’s arose out of a desire to save companies money by sharing resources and using costly equipment more efficiently. Unfortunately, due to inadequate design, poor maintenance or lack of dedicated (and costly) support staff have driven many managers to despair because their technology investment dollars have not been recouped in more efficient workflow. Down time due to hardware failure, software problems and over-subscribed networks costs businesses more than it would cost to fix the problem- and NDI, a division of ISE, can show you how we can fix the problem and let you realize those savings!

Our staff is experienced in local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) design, implementation, administration
and support.

Our staff holds certifications recognized by our industry as guarantees of knowledge and expertise such as:

  • Certified NetWare Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

We are also proud to have these relationships with
industry leaders:

  • Novell Gold Partner
  • Compaq Authorized Reseller
  • Lucent Technologies Data Networking Systems Channel Partner
  • Microsoft Solution Provider
  • Hewlett-Packard Authorized Reseller and STAR Certified Service Partner
  • Ukiah Software Channel Partner