Want to keep your competitive edge?

More and more businesses are finding it difficult to compete without connecting their networks to the Internet.  What’s keeping you from taking advantage of the power that Internet connectivity could bring to your business? Security?  Knowledge?  Cost?

Total security solutions,

including firewall installation, monitoring and documentation.  We can not only help you secure your network from “hackers” that attempt to break in, but also help you control who is using your network from the inside and for what purpose.  We can also show you how to limit access to non-business related Web sites (pornography, hate-groups, games, sports, etc) so you can be assured your technology investment is being utilized as it was intended.

Remote access solutions,

including dial-up to the corporate network and branch office connectivity over the Internet through Virtual Private Network technology (VPN).  VPN’s allow businesses to save money by using the Internet as their own wide area network (WAN) thus saving the costs associated with dedicated data circuits and administration of a WAN.

Email solutions,

for your business.  There is probably not an easier, more efficient way to communicate that email.  We can help you set up a corporate email system with Internet access or connect your current email system to the Internet.

Voice over IP solutions,

can save you money!  With this technology, we can show you how to reduce your long distance telephone costs by using the Internet as your phone network.  Contact us today and we’ll set up a demonstration using Lucent Technologies Voice over IP technology.

Are you getting the most from your current Internet connection?

Can Internet connectivity save you money and make your business more profitable? Do you need to understand the risks and benefits associated with connecting your network to the Internet?

Let NDI help you answer these questions and provide you with a custom solution for Internet connectivity.